Kitesurfing For Beginners

FAQ’s About Kitesurfing

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is kiteboarding challenging to learn?
  • Is kiteboarding easier than windsurfing?
  • Where can I do it?
  • How a lot does the equipment expense?
  • Do I require to take lessons?
  • Is Kiteboarding risk-free?
  • Can I find out Kiteboarding from viewing a video clip?
  • Just how about books and DVD’s?
  • When should I take a lesson?
  • Where should I take a lesson?
  • Should I purchase an instructor Kite before the lesson?
  • Is flying an instructor kite an alternative for a lesson?
  • I have windsurfed for twenty years, will that make me a far better kitesurfer?
  • Just how long will it take me to learn?

Contrasted to other water/wind-sports kiteboarding is relatively easy to learn. The learning curve contrasted to windsurfing is quicker, and also the kiteboarder will be advanced after their very first year. Kiteboarding is harder to learn than wakeboarding, because it is extra technical. Keep in mind that Kiteboarding is like learning 2 sporting activities, Board riding, and kite flying.

Is Kiteboarding simpler than windsurfing?

Learning to kiteboard is “quicker” than learning to windsurf. We such as to claim that the kiteboarding learning contour is steeper than the windsurfing learning curve. This indicates that you will find out more in a shorter time. In windsurfing there are several phases of Learning, the longboard phase, then the shortboard phase, that requires a waterstart lesson and advanced sail skills.

In kiteboarding you will certainly find out the kite flying, harness and also footstraps and also waterstart in the very first few days. There is just one phase, and also the basic abilities to master. The fundamental kiteboarding abilities can be learned in a week or 2 and also many people will certainly be upwind riding in 6 to 8 weeks.

Where can I do it?

You can kiteboard anywhere that you see windsurfers. Kites like medium to solid wind, 10-25 miles per hour, and superficial water a few feet deep (sandy base). Typically kiteboarders will certainly like the exact same wind and also climate as windsurfers. Kiteboards obtain good speed and also can do enter much lighter wind than most windsurfers due to the fact that the kite can be more effective than the windsurfing sails.

How much does the gear cost?

Kiteboard equipment cost much less to purchase than windsurfing gear. Kites full with board and also lines cost somewhere between $950.00 to $1600.00 each relying on their dimension. Boards set you back from 599.00 to 899.00, after that you require a harness and also kite.

However now there are several large amounts on ins 2014 stuff, or bundles that come full for under $1500.00. There is also whole lots of utilized equipment readily available, of all conditions an ages. This years kite used may be 30-40 percent much less than its brand-new price. And a total made use of setup a year or 2 old might be as low as $600.00– $1000.00.

Do I need to take lessons?

Absolutely, Kiteboarding is a technological sport with a steep learning curve. Like diving, or flying a paraglider, you don’t wish to take unneeded risks whilst learning. Most of the techniques are counter-intuitive, and are best found out in a lesson.

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